Pottery has been a passion of Ellen’s for 30 years.
Early in Ellen’s career, her love of texture led her to a fascination with crocodiles and alligators, and for a time she as known as the “Alligator Lady” At one point, the urge struck to create a full sized crocodile. Kitchen chairs and table were cleared out to make room for a bench and large bucket of clay. The result was a very convincing seven foot long “croco-gator” that sadly did not survive the firing process. With several changes in technique, two large scale creatures now keep her company in the garden.

Her most recent work has focussed on botanical textures and impressions. While working with three dimensional forms Ellen rarely uses a template. She prefers instead to find the shape within each piece of clay, searching for the graceful lines and feminine shapes she is known for.

Her work is sold in BC and Alberta, and has found homes around the world.

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testimonial 02

About 9 years ago, I saw some of Ellen's pottery in a shop in Victoria, and decided to contact her to see about doing a backsplash for my renovated kitchen. Everything was handled by email, without a single hitch or surprise. The many pieces, which were all numbered,  arrived safely, complete with a comprehensive drawing for the tilesetter to follow for installation.  It couldn't have been easier. The backsplash is still as beautiful as the day it was installed. I am so pleased and have received numerous compliments. I would highly recommend Ellen.


testimonial 03

 Ellen was a fantastic student, and it has been a pleasure to watch her become a fantastic potter
John Chernetski was Ellen’s first pottery instructor at Malaspina College.
He has 50 years experience teaching, potting, and sculpting.

testimonial 01

In my 30 years of tile experience, I have never seen anything as unique as this Raku backsplash. It was a pleasure to install and at the end of the day, Ellen, the client and myself were all thrilled with the result. It's more than a backsplash...it's a work of art. Spectacular! I would highly recommend that you contact Ellen to explore the possibilities for creating an unforgettable, one-of-a-kind masterpiece for your own home.

Dean Haight