Ellen uses a stoneware clay body to produce her botanical themed pottery murals.
A continuous length of clay is rolled out flat in preparation for the design process which integrates real leaves, free-form drawing and carving. Depending on the size of the project, this step may take up to five days. The mural is then cut into smaller pieces, smoothed by hand, and numbered to a corresponding diagram.  Over the next few weeks, the tiles are carefully and slowly dried until they are ready to be bisque fired.   Once bisque firing is completed, the raku glazing & firing process begins.  Only a few tiles can be fired at a time in the raku kiln making it a time consuming process that can take up to a week to complete.  After firing, each tile must be cleaned, then polished.

“After many weeks of patient work, it is very exciting to see the finished mural slowly come together as each batch of tiles comes out of the kiln”



Take the opportunity to collaborate in the design of your own one of a kind ceramic wall art tile mural, or backsplash. 
A backsplash can run the entire length of the counter, or be limited to the area behind the range.  Smaller accent, field tiles can be added to your design.


Contact us for pricing and availability.  Depending on the size of the piece, lead time can be anywhere form five to twelve weeks.


We deliver anywhere on the Island, or ship via Canada Post.  Each shipment will be fully insured.    We can recommend several local installers and be happy to work with them.   Once installed, the raku pottery tiles require several coats of sealant.    We use “Aqua Mix, Sealer Choice Gold”.



In my 30 years of tile experience, I have never seen anything as unique as this Raku backsplash. It was a pleasure to install and at the end of the day, Ellen, the client and myself were all thrilled with the result. It's more than a backsplash...it's a work of art. Spectacular! I would highly recommend that you contact Ellen to explore the possibilities for creating an unforgettable, one-of-a-kind masterpiece for your own home.

Dean Haight