A "Second" refers to a piece that has a flaw of some kind.  This flaw may be an undesired glaze outcome, or perhaps a tiny crack.  These Seconds are only sold in the studio for a reduced price....sometimes up to 50% off.   I have some pretty beautiful pieces to offer for next week's sale (Dec 6 & 7 2013).   Look for photos soon!

Christmas Sale

Friday, November 29, 2013

SecondsSome New WorkRaku I will be having a Christmas Sale here in the studio on Friday evening, December 6th, from 5pm to about 9pm, and Saturday Dec 7th from 9am to Noonish.

Everything will be 20% to 25% off.  In addition, there will be some fabulous "Seconds" priced up to 50% off.  All kinds of variety from favorites like wired leaves and starfish, to bird baths, and outdoor face planters.   I will post photos very soon!

Studio Sale

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

I will be having a Studio Sale on Saturday, September 28th, starting about ten am, until mid afternoon.    The garden is already filling up with some pretty cool pieces, and I am really looking forward to showing them off.   I will also have all my Raku specially priced along with the "Seconds".  Bird BathBird Bath and Planter

I am having a great deal of fun making these bird baths.  It wasn't long before the idea expanded to include planters,  which quickly morphed to include faces on the planters.  I cannot walk or even drive by the beach without looking for good driftwood. I have several stashes on the beach that I could not carry home.  Must go out with the car later, and bring a big bag!  A generous friend brought along his chainsaw last week which was so great.  Nothing like a good stump to add character to these pieces.  I am keeping my husband very busy drilling driftwood, and cutting pipe....and stuff.  Planter on Metal Planter with Driftwood Base


River City Arts Fest 2013

Thursday, July 25, 2013