Naked Raku

“Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum” Urns
12 “ x 6” (sold) Hand built, naked Raku with horse hair and cold finishes
Egg on Driftwood
26” x 13” The egg is hand built, naked raku with cold finishes Driftwood was found nestled in the soft earth above high tide. It was carefully cleaned, sanded, and carved to hold the egg. Then stained...
Fern Vessel
12” x 9”. Hand built, Naked Raku with cold finishes. Bone and a weathered piece of copper tubing were both found on the beach. Collection of the Artist, nfs
Fern Vessel
18” h x 9.5”w x 6” d Hand Built – Soft slab construction A statement piece all on its own, or beautiful with a dry twig arrangement.
Luna – Egg on Driftwood
Luna - Ceramic Egg on Driftwood. An egg discovered in an unlikely place waiting to reveal itself.  Nestled high up with a pearly glow, this piece has me dreaming of a still clear moonlit night.  It is...
Naked Raku Fern Vessels
Up to 20” in Height Hand built & wheel thrown. (sold)
Protector – Egg on Driftwood
A beautiful little egg on driftwood that seems to have an animal like form, carrying the egg safely on it's back.  The ceramic egg is hand built and fired in the "Naked Raku" technique.  A sword fern...
Tenacity – Egg on Driftwood
A egg clings precariously to an unlikely crevice in the wood.  This piece speaks to the fragility and tenacity of life, and the hope found within the egg form.   The hollow ceramic egg was hand formed...